Hello, I’m Sarah Green.

I am a plant based recipe developer, devoted to simple, earth grown ingredients.

The recipes you will find here are always plant-based and delicious, mostly oil and gluten free, and never processed*.

*By “processed,” I mean created in a lab or something you wouldn’t find in your pantry, like weird gums and preservatives. Many healthy, real foods are technically processed, as the definition of the word just means not in the same state as found in nature (i.e. a loaf of whole grain homemade bread is technically “processed” as it undergoes a fermenting “process” then a baking “process.”)

In addition to eating a plant based diet, my husband and I also practice veganism, and strive to live minimalist & waste-free lifestyles in Oklahoma City, OK.

We love our four companion animals – Dave, Izzy, Cash, and Austin.

Although I have a full-time job and career in design & architecture, one of my favorite hobbies is cooking from scratch. I love the entire process – meal planning, perusing the grocery store & farmer’s markets for fresh local produce, organizing everything in my kitchen, the slicing & dicing, the sauteeing and baking, and, of course…the eating!

Cooking earth grown ingredients at home is very important to me. I feel connected to nature and a sense of gratitude for the earth and its abundance. Not only is cooking plant foods at home physically healing, but mentally healing as well. I find cooking to be a form of mindfulness meditation, where I block out everything else and focus on making something delicious and complex from very simple, natural ingredients.

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